Thursday, September 4, 2008

If jealousy is a sickness than ignorance is a life threatening illness

Every Voter Should Know....

During an election year there are bound to be politicial games and smear tactics....but for the love of America....there's some bs I'm just sick of hearing! The last straw for me came while watching the RNC. I have three 2008 election pet peeves and damn if the RNC didn't hit all three of them. Nothing about the issues - just jabs at the Democratic let's have it be said - Your insecurities are showing....

Jealousy is a Sickness...It is a Diz-eaze (yeah I spelled it that way on purpose...LOL)...

1.) Republicans tooting the "Obama is a celebrity" horn - GET OVER IT!

Rudy sure was loving his celebrity status after 9/11 (sitting up on Oprah) did that stop him from trying to run for Prez....not at fact he thought that would boost his lil azz into the white house...NOPE! but all of a sudden, now that it doesn't suit him or the rep. nominee, having people know your name and face is a negative.

To those who harp on the "clebrity" thing with Barack. First, Republicans associate his name with celebrity status more than anyone else -- second, if that's all it took to impress Americans - was to be hob-nobbing with celebrities- - than Rudy would be the Rep. nominee -- not John.

Ignorance is a life threatening illness...

2.) African-American's only vote for Obama because he's African-American or women only voted for Hillary because she is a woman -GET REAL!

The republicans "smear tactics" are not just insulting to democrats. I find it insulting to American voters as a whole. The idea that the majority of citizens who would vote, for any candidate, would do so JUST BECAUSE the candidate is a woman, an african american, a well known face/celebrity -- is insulting. I want a President who believes in the intelligence and integrity of the American people - no matter who they vote for.

To those who think folks are voting for Barack JUST BECAUSE h'es black -- if that's all it took Jesse would have been the nominee long time ago. Clearly black folks need a candidate to have something more than pigment to provide a candidate with their vote. Barack did not get to where he is just because of his race or because of the Republican claimed "celebrity status" - A lot of people believe in his politics/platform - to reduce it to less than that is insulting

To McCain for picking Palin - I don't believe (not for one second) the only reason Hillary got as far as she did is because she is a woman. A lot of people believed in her politics/platform - MEN AND WOMEN. So Palin - (who was clearly picked just because of her sex) is an insult. If all it took to impress women voters was the candidate's sex than Shirley Chisolm, Gerladine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton would all have made it to the white house. Clearly women look at more than just the candidate's reproductive organs! Then, for Palin to use a quote from Hillary (a democrat) every time she opens her mouth...Can she make it any more apparent that Republican believe Hillary is interchangeable?? After all she's a woman and clearly that's all female voters require, right? Can she make it any more obvious that she doesn't have one original thought?? Can she stop beating us over the head with the painfully desperate attempt to reach the female democratic voters by regurgitating Hillary Clinton's catch phrases??

Sidenote: She probably taps Hillary's phone -- how else is she going to know what her next public speech should be about??

Barack is not the first African American man to run - jus tthe first one to make it. Hillary is not the first woman to run - just the first one to make it as far as she did. So clearly it takes a bit more than race, sex or familiar faces to earn the majority of votes for the Dem. nomination. To reduce the intelligence of the American voters to less than an informed decision about the candidates platform is beyond insulting. The Republicans would get more respect from American voters (on a whole) if they just stuck to the issues....but I guess you can't when you are the issue.

And every one of you is giving me a rash...

3.) WTF is up with the institution of slavery being the new political mascot??? - GET OFF IT!

They all need to do themselves a favor and get off the "slave" frontier. We get one African American candidate and all of a sudden every white person with a mic wants to start singing old negro spirituals! WTF is wrong with everybody???

I wanted to kick Hillary in the head when she got on her "what did Harriet Tubman say" rhetoric -- I yelled at the tv --" look in the mirror Hillary - Harriet said - don't trust whitey! Feel "down" with the black vote now?" I applaud Hillary's efforts in her political campaign - but the slave references made the hair on the back of my ass rise.

Then Palin stepping up "we are the party that freed the slaves" -- WTF??? umm, yeah and it only took how long after being one of the parties who kept them in bondage??? and even when you "freed them" it wasn't because you valued us as human beings you jackass -- it was because of economics and the move towards the idustrial markets. I wonder how long did it take Palin to figure out (how many researchers did they employ) that Lincoln was a Republican. After stealing Hillary's 18,000 cracks in the glass cieling rhetoric, I wonder if Palin actually turned to her team and said --

I need slavery references too! Didn't she use those??? We (Republicans) had to have done something other than whip, plunder and beat them didn't we?? We must have something we can use...after all Hillary did it! Me next! Me next!!!

Arrrgh - Barack didn't have to use slavery to boost his platform (and you know they would have eaten him alive if he did) can the white people stop using slavery to boost theirs??? Maybe it's just me - but I'm convinced, just by the nature of slavery, that the slaves have earned a much needed rest from white folks using them to boost their own personal agendas. It's a tackball move at best and damn insulting and insensitive at it's worst.

Just my breathe, stretch, shake, let it go moment for the day - thanks for letting me vent family! LOL

~ Akande