Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Supporters Unite

Every woman should know...

When to leave well enough...ALONE

As I watch the DNC, I feel sympathy for those who take an active role in voting and walk away with crushed dreams. I've had to vote for what I thought was "the lesser of two evils" in previous I feel your pain. I feel no frustration towards those who need time to get past their disappointment. However, come November, it's time to unite behind the common goal. Until then, take your time...

What does get me??? Clinton supporters who flip the ENTIRE script! The ones who get into this "I will vote for McCain because he has experience" mode. Er??? yes, but how has that experience fared for the country??? Horrible policy is horrible policy. And yet, the pony you want to ride is "well at least he has more experience at being horrible". This is a positive???

I would suggest you keep your eyes on the prize EVEN if the path you thought you were going to take has a detour sign. Up until the primaries clearly Hillary's supporters were of the belief that McCain did not represent thier values and hopes for the country. While, Barack and Hillary had different paths to get to a destination, they were still heading for the same destination .

Pearl for those that don't vote or who are picking a nominee out of spite:
Step out of security and step into substance

Now I respect everyone's right to choose their candidate but my sincere prayer is that we individually choose the candidate who represents your vision for the country. If the only reason you are voting for someone is because they are old (in political years), female, or black - wtf??? It's the issues that are important - it frosts my cookies when folks can't get past their own insecurities....but I guess (as I say to those who are still pissed Hillary lost) that's the way the cookie crumbles...
Be you Rep. or Dem. if you chose your candidate based on your aspirations for our country than I salute you - may not agree with your pick - but salute your choice none the less and wish you sincere luck in the race. If you are choosing out of spite...aren't we too old for that??? Isn't the consequence too high for tom-foolery??

To the woman int the McCain Ad...I understand she is disappointed that Hillary wasn't the nominee. However, listening to her, I can't help but notice, she missed the entire point of Hillary's speech! How can you claim to be a supporter when you clearly haven't listened to a word Hillary said. It's time to UNITE for the common goal. I know there are many other Hillary supporters out there just as lost and determined to move forward in a petulant manner -- that is not the way to success.

Barrack has more political experience than some past President's (Grant and Cleveland) and on par with others (JFK had only 13 full years experience before being nominated) and less than some others...same with Hillary and McCain (more than some, less than others). He is not the youngest president BY FAR (Roosevelt, JFK, Clinton, Grant and Cleveland were all younger than him) why not focus your vote on who of the two NOMINATED candidates represents your political interests... I think Hillary (whose DNC speech was wonderful) said it best -- did you vote for her or for the issues and policies the Dems stand for??

Voting for McCain is not "payback" for Clinton loosing. Are you kidding me??? And again How old are you?? To vote according to spite is pathetic and reckless at best. As a country, whoever you vote for, we collectively (along with our children) will have to pay the price. Stop making it about your ego, step out of security and into some substance - and vote for a candidate based on their policies.

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