Friday, August 22, 2008

When the dog bites, when the bees sting, when I'm feeling sad...

Every woman should know
how to find, keep, and list her favorite things. It's essential. These are the things that you reach for when your emotions (be they sad or glad) run high. It's the pure reflection of your light. It's not biased to anyone or anything except you. You don't have to explain them, you don't have to share them and yet they sustain you through the "times of your life". They are the things that speak to you, move you, understand you ... when no one else can. Welcome to my world and the things that help me to keep my balance


Favorite Movies:

♦Under the Tuscan Sun
♦Love Jones
♦The Boys of Baraka
♦Gone with the Wind (don't ask why)
♦Murder in the First
♦Million Dollar Baby
♦What's Love Got to Do With It
♦Love and Basketball

Favorite Books:

♠The Coldest Winter Ever
♠The Mis-Education of the Negro
♠What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day
♠The Red Tent
♠The Darkest Child
♠A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story
♠A Million Little Pieces
♠The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours
♠Blood on the Leaves

Favorite Quotes:

♦Peace is always still around me cuz I keeps me what they call...a piece of steal..LOAD your piece of steal..thank ya Jesus! -- MaDear "Diary of a Mad Black Woman"

♦"No! Do or do not . . . there is no try!" -Yoda

♦"May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live. May you live to be a hundred, and me a hundred minus a day, so I'll never know good people like you have passed away. Peace, love, truth and soul." - Moody's Moods

♦"I do not like this. I do not want this. Yet, I trust God with this. I don't know why Our Creator saw fit to take my joy at this time, but I know that His will is good, perfect, and acceptable."

♦"They should name a gender after you. The word woman can never encompass all that you are. Looking at you doesn't do it. Staring is the only way that makes any sense. And I'm here, trying not to blink so I don't miss anything." - Adam Sandler in the un-cut movie "Spanglish"

Favorite Music:

♠Bob Marley ~ Legend
♠Joe Sample and Lalah Hathaway ~ Song Lives On
♠Ella Fitzgerald ~ Mystery Lady

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CapCity said...

"They should name a gender after you. The word woman can never encompass all that you are."
I LOVE it!!

u know who;-)

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